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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 6-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the father claim could happen to himself and his son if they get wet?
(a) They could slip and fall.
(b) They could die.
(c) They could get sick.
(d) They could finally cool off.

2. What do the father and the son find in a smokehouse?
(a) A pound of bacon.
(b) A ham.
(c) A leg of lamb.
(d) Rib steaks.

3. What do the father and son discover in a doorway?
(a) A dead, dried-up body.
(b) A gun.
(c) A small child crying.
(d) A starving dog.

4. While traveling, why do the father and son leave their fires alight?
(a) To help ward off wild animals.
(b) So fellow travelers can follow them.
(c) So no one can know exactly where they are.
(d) To help them if they get lost.

5. What does the father do to the son after they come upon the thing in the doorway?
(a) Reassures the son.
(b) Pushes the son out of the way.
(c) Yells at the son to run.
(d) Yells at the son to look away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first location that the father and son walk to in Chapter 1?

2. Just when the father is thinking of leaving the cart he sees their destination -- what does he name it?

3. What does the father fix to the cart to keep the limbs away as they move down the road?

4. What do the father and child use to carry their possessions?

5. What are the father and son running out of as they travel?

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