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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 36-40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the son becomes even colder, what does he ask his father about again?
(a) If they can build a bigger fire.
(b) If they are dying.
(c) For a better coat.
(d) For more food.

2. What does the father find in the nice house that he thinks could be poison?
(a) Freeze-dried food.
(b) Apples.
(c) Tins of food.
(d) Water.

3. Near the edge of a city, the father and son come to a house -- what does the father find inside the house?
(a) Blankets.
(b) Coats.
(c) Shoes.
(d) Food.

4. Once the father fills his basket and begins to leave the house, what does he look back and realize is by the house?
(a) A tank of gasoline.
(b) A pile of dead bodies.
(c) An abandoned car.
(d) A cistern of fresh water.

5. After leaving the gas station, what do the men that stop the father and son want?
(a) The men demand that the father hand over the son.
(b) The men want the father and son's shoes.
(c) The men ask what the father and son have in their cart.
(d) The men want the father and son to give them their clothes.

Short Answer Questions

1. After passing the stone wall, what do the father and son hear that makes them hide?

2. As the father and son continue their journey, why is it getting so difficult to push the cart?

3. Along the road, the father and son spy a group of people climbing out of a truck -- what are the people wearing?

4. What does the father say when he and his son enter the hidden cellar?

5. When the father and son stop for the night after leaving the hidden cellar, what does the son ask the father?

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