The Road Character Descriptions

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The Father

This character is a good person with a strong belief in God, although somewhat strange and paranoid at times.

The Son

This character is a sensitive individual who is willing to take a chance with people.


This character committed suicide rather than live a life on the run.

Man with gas mask

This character is shot in the head when he threatens another character with a knife to his throat.

The Boy in the Window

This character is seen peering out of a window and is never seen again.

Old Man Ely

This character claims he is 90 years old and blind and persuades someone to feed him.

The Thief

This character steals a cart and is punished by having his clothes taken away.

The Bowman

This character is shot with a flare gun.

The Bowman's Wife

This character comforts her husband who has been...

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