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Chapter Abstracts

• The father looks over his son as he sleeps; he questions whether they can make it through the winter.

• The father uses a cart to push his son and their knapsacks along the road.

• At an abandoned gas station, the father tries calling his old house.

• The father and son come to a city; there is no smoke coming from the city so the father presumes there is no life there.

• The son asks the father about death, and the father assures the son they will not die just yet.

• While the son is sleeping, the father steps away so he won't hear his coughing fit.

• The father prays to God.

• In one of the doorways of the city lies a dead, dried-up body.

• The father reassures his son.

• The father remembers his own childhood when he used to go boating with his uncle on a lake.

• The father and...

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