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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Orwell describe Mrs. Brooker?
(a) A jolly, industrious woman.
(b) An anxious faced, obese invalid.
(c) An overweight, jolly woman.
(d) A beautiful, tall seductress.

2. How did Orwell describe Mr. Brooker?
(a) An ugly, offensive, odd smelling man.
(b) A dark, sour, small boned, filthy man.
(c) An aggressive, manly, attractive fellow.
(d) A small boned, angry, crippled man.

3. With what phrase did all of Mrs. Brooker's complaints end?
(a) "It does seem 'ard, don't it now?"
(b) "It do seem unfair, don't it?"
(c) "I just as well die tonight!"
(d) "I hate it all, all I say."

4. What were newspaper canvassers?
(a) They were door-to-door pollsters for the political candidate.
(b) They were door-to-door surveyers for the census.
(c) They were door-to-door advertisement salesmen.
(d) They were door-to-door salesmen selling newspaper subscriptions.

5. How long were the fillers on the job during their shifts?
(a) Eight hours with half an hour for lunch.
(b) Six hours with no benefits.
(c) Seven and a half hours with no break.
(d) Seven hours with two twenty minute breaks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Old Jack?

2. What was one problem faced by the tenant moving from slum housing into new housing?

3. What kind of shop was attached to the Brooker's boarding house?

4. What point was Orwell making in his explanation of the coal miner's pay?

5. What physical attributes did the fillers share?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were the coal mines like for Orwell? How did he see the men who mined the coal?

2. How did Orwell describe his room at the Brookers?

3. What were some of the common conditions in the houses Orwell studied for his book?

4. Orwell stated that the Brookers were typical of most people in the modern world. What characteristics did he point out as typical?

5. Why did Orwell believe it was important to understand the working conditions of the miners? What did he see as the larger story?

6. What were some of the reasons Orwell gave for a miner's pay being much lower than his publicized wage?

7. What were the caravan dwellings Orwell speaks about in his book? How many were there in Wigan? What were the living conditions in these caravan dwelling?

8. How did Orwell describe the housing in the industrial towns of England? When were most of the houses built?

9. What did Orwell learn about the reality of the seven hour shift worked by the typical miner?

10. Why were the fillers an important part of the coal mining business? What were their jobs?

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