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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Drought.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who became the political elite after the settlers landed in New South Wales?
(a) The former convicts.
(b) The few Frenchmen.
(c) The large land owners.
(d) The women.

2. Why did the number of men in Australia outnumber the women, in "The West"?
(a) Because more men settled there.
(b) No one knows.
(c) Because the women were often sick.
(d) Because it was a penal colony.

3. How did settling land affect the price when the whites first came to New South Wales?
(a) It made it cheap.
(b) It made it more expensive.
(c) It didn't change the price.
(d) It changed depending on the crops.

4. Why did Bob go to Sydney in 1940?
(a) To study medicine.
(b) For boarding school.
(c) To take a long vacation.
(d) For work.

5. Why did the Kers send Barry to King's School?
(a) To find a job there.
(b) To free him from the country.
(c) To learn business.
(d) To watch his brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Mr. Ker hire Bob McLennan?

2. Why did the Ker land venture get off to a bad start?

3. In "Coorain," what excited Conway's father about the land in the Western Division?

4. What is the main geographic feature of the Western Plains of New South Wales?

5. How did Conway's mother feel about her housework at Coorain?

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