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Essay Topic 1

Examine Conway's ideas about mother-daughter relationships as found in this book.

Essay Topic 2

What did Conway mean by the "world of ideas"? How did this world influence the development of this autobiography?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the role of education and academia in "The Road from Coorain."

Essay Topic 4

How was Conway herself colonized? How did she compare this to Australia?

Essay Topic 5

Analyze death as it was used in this book. Consider physical deaths vs. symbolic deaths.

Essay Topic 6

How did Conway use descriptive passages and dialogue to develop scenes in her autobiography? In what way did her use of these techniques mirror fiction? In what way did they not?

Essay Topic 7

Compare and contrast two turning points in Conway's childhood.

Essay Topic 8

How was gender defined in "The Road from Coorain"? What role does gender play?

Essay Topic 9

What was the role of Coorain in...

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