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Rescuers' Note - This is left on an emergency radio.

Notebooks - This is where Derek keeps information about the wilderness.

Mosquitoes - These attack and bite Brian and Derek in the wilderness.

Pocket Knives - These are tools that are taken into the wilderness.

Briefcase - This is where Derek stores his notes.

Emergency Radio - This is a method for contacting the outside world from the wilderness.

Hazelnuts - These are something to eat that Brian and Derek find on their second day in the wilderness.

Berries - These are the first things Brian and Derek find to eat.

The Raft - This is the transportation Brian uses to carry Derek to safety.

Brannock Trading Post - This is where Brian finds help.

Necktie Lake - This is the place where Brian and Derek go for their wilderness survival training.

Necktie River - This is...

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