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Read "Hatchet," the prequel to "The River" by Gary Paulsen.

Survival Rules

Create a list of what Brian might consider rules of wilderness survival.

Amphibious Planes

The planes that took Brian into the wilderness were amphibious. Read about amphibious planes and prepare a written or oral report discussing what you learned.

Edible Plants

Research edible plants in the northern woods of Canada. Create a booklet about these plants.

Fire Starting Methods

Read about different fire starting methods when matches or other fire starting tools are not available. Prepare a written or oral report discussing how to build a fire without matches.

Five Items

Make a list of five items you would take if you were going to stay in the wilderness. Explain to a partner why you chose each item.

Thunderstorm Safety

Derek is severely injured by a lightning strike. Make a poster that shows what someone...

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