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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Titus do while he speaks with Gus in front of the fire?
(a) He wraps himself in blankets.
(b) He smokes a cigar.
(c) He falls in and out of sleep.
(d) He reads poetry.

2. What nickname does Gus give to his father?
(a) H2O.
(b) Steelhead.
(c) Fly.
(d) Fisherman.

3. How does Henning earn his living?
(a) Through family investments.
(b) As a fly-fisherman.
(c) Selling fishing equipment.
(d) As a writer.

4. How did Gus react when Henning was going to whup Bill Bob for writing in the book in "Statistical Improbabilities"?
(a) He yelled for his mother.
(b) He cried.
(c) He begged his father not to "whup" Bill Bob.
(d) He howled with laughter.

5. What is Gus drinking while he warms in front of the fire with Titus?
(a) Brandy.
(b) Rum Egg Nog.
(c) Warm milk.
(d) Tea.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gus do with the man he found in the water?

2. What allusion does Gus make to his reading of The Compleat Angler as many times as he did?

3. What kind of a dog replaced the Doberman for the surgeon?

4. What poet does Titus quote?

5. Where do Bill Bob and Gus venture to when Bill Bob comes to stay at the cabin?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Gus decide that the great controversy of his parents isn't really about fishing at all?

2. How does Gus react during the argument at dinner when he realizes that his parents only care about their own argument and not the story he is telling?

3. How does the "Rogue River War" create a stronger bond between Carolina and Henning rather than breaking them apart due to their differences?

4. What is a dreefee and how does it affect the Orviston household?

5. How do Titus and Gus connect?

6. What is the story of the Garbage Gut bass and why is catching him an anticlimax for Gus?

7. How does Gus plan his life to maximize his fishing time?

8. What does the God notebook tell the reader about Gus's beliefs?

9. What is Izaak Walton's book about according to Ma? (Describe specific tales from it that she tells)

10. How do Ma and Henning attempt to make the cabin livable for Gus?

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