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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Gus so taken by the girl in the tree in "The Warble of the Water Owl"?
(a) She is fishing.
(b) She is fun.
(c) She is beautiful and naked.
(d) She is interesting.

2. What does Titus feed Gus on the morning after he spends the night in Portland?
(a) Bacon and eggs.
(b) Oatmeal.
(c) Steak and eggs.
(d) Dry cereal.

3. Why does Gus catch the trout in the chapter "Closing the Door"?
(a) He wants to catch the last fish in the creek.
(b) He is hungry.
(c) He frees it from the polluted water.
(d) He wants to move it to the polluted water to die.

4. What does Eddy set up for Gus to do while she is gone?
(a) Follow a salmon upstream.
(b) Build a dock.
(c) Catch a chinook.
(d) Build a deck.

5. What does Gus do to Sigrid at the end of the chapter "Neighbors"?
(a) Nothing.
(b) He sets her free in the river.
(c) He eats her.
(d) He gives her to the boys.

6. What does Gus envision right before he grants Dutch the interview?
(a) Being President.
(b) A perfect fish universe that he creates.
(c) A world run by fish.
(d) Owning a yacht.

7. Why doesn't Gus eat his five pounds of oranges?
(a) He decides to throw some in the river.
(b) He shares them with families.
(c) No one can eat that many oranges.
(d) He gets distracted.

8. What are Henning, Ma, and Bill Bob pretending to play when Gus comes home?
(a) Go fish.
(b) Blind man's bluff.
(c) Musical chairs.
(d) Duck, Duck, Goose.

9. What does the river spell?
(a) Who?
(b) Why?
(c) God.
(d) When?

10. How does Gus become "famous" in the chapter "Hemingway"?
(a) He saves a man drowning in the river.
(b) He catches a 10 pound fish with the dairy kids.
(c) He saves one of the dairy kids from a hunting accident.
(d) He gets in a car crash while hitching back home and saves the driver.

11. What is the one name of the dairy kids that Gus liked?
(a) Hemingway.
(b) Whitman.
(c) Porky.
(d) Donald Duck.

12. How does Gus speak to the girl?
(a) He writes notes.
(b) He uses quotes.
(c) He sings to her.
(d) He points.

13. When Gus awakes in "the River Writes" what does he see in nature?
(a) The Garden Queen's robe.
(b) The answer to his existence.
(c) Death.
(d) Life.

14. How far does Gus go on his trek in the chapter titled the same?
(a) 40 miles.
(b) 5 miles.
(c) 50 miles.
(d) 20 miles.

15. At the beginning of the "Eddy" chapter what is Gus's plan for himself?
(a) To fall out of the tree and die.
(b) To run and hide.
(c) To learn how to speak.
(d) To meet the girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nick come to Gus for?

2. How does Pedro plan on waking his family to see the mouse?

3. What figurative door does Gus close at the end of the chapter of the same name?

4. What kind of a dog does Gus classify Descartes as?

5. What does Attar call God as explained by Titus to Gus?

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