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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Gus get back home?
(a) Maggie takes him.
(b) He drives himself.
(c) The police bring him home.
(d) Titus drives him.

2. What does Gus do the morning after Alfred's death?
(a) He gets drunk.
(b) He fishes for another trout.
(c) He calls his mother.
(d) He stays in bed all day.

3. What book does Gus consider the most explosive in existence?
(a) Mythology.
(b) Darwin's Theory.
(c) The Holy Bible.
(d) The Big Bang vs. Evolution.

4. What is Titus wearing that Gus admires but says he would never wear?
(a) Camouflage.
(b) Coveralls.
(c) Knickers.
(d) Overalls.

5. What does Maggie try to get Gus to do?
(a) Show her the splinter.
(b) Remove his clothes.
(c) Swallow a large pill.
(d) Take a warm bath.

6. What kind of a dog replaced the Doberman for the surgeon?
(a) A Greyhound.
(b) Another Doberman.
(c) A Chihuahua.
(d) A Beagle.

7. What does Bill Bob tell Gus about Garden Angels?
(a) They are spirits that watch over humans.
(b) They are our human twins that are born when we die.
(c) They never die.
(d) They grow old as humans do.

8. How does Gus envision himself while speaking of the green and grey in "I Reckon"?
(a) As a fish.
(b) As a lizard.
(c) As a rock.
(d) As a statue.

9. What does Gus say of devoted people in "Excerpts from the God-notebook"?
(a) That they usually keep to themselves.
(b) That they are pushy, one-sided people.
(c) That they are found to be nervous, belligerent people.
(d) That they are warm and friendly people.

10. What confused Ma about the famous book "The Complete Angler" that Henning gave her to read?
(a) The language.
(b) The reason why Henning owned it.
(c) The s's looked like f's.
(d) The ideas.

11. How many rooms are in the cabin that Gus leases?
(a) Two.
(b) Four.
(c) Three.
(d) One.

12. What does Titus do while he speaks with Gus in front of the fire?
(a) He smokes a cigar.
(b) He reads poetry.
(c) He falls in and out of sleep.
(d) He wraps himself in blankets.

13. How does Ma handle the folk who come "witnessing"?
(a) She greets them with a cup of tea.
(b) She greets them with an outstretched hand.
(c) She greets them with a shotgun.
(d) She greets them with a yell to go away.

14. What happened to Abe?
(a) He had fallen out of his boat and was seeking help.
(b) He drowned.
(c) He had gotten lost on the river.
(d) He got hurt on a tree limb in the river.

15. What does Gus decide about God by writing in his notebook?
(a) God doesn't care what he does as long as he doesn't hurt people.
(b) God is the one who makes him want to fish.
(c) God will leave him alone if he is a good boy.
(d) God is of no use to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What nickname does Gus give to his father?

2. What makes Gus's journey back to Eaton's dock more difficult?

3. What happens between Carolina and Henning the night they first meet?

4. What does Gus do to the boy that they call Barf-breath?

5. What is Henning's issue with his son being called Bill Bob?

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