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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book One, The Compleat Angler: The Ideal Schedule and Voiding My Rheum.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Zeke tell the story of Carolina and Henning's meeting?
(a) He is Carolina's brother.
(b) He is Henning's best friend.
(c) He was with Carolina on the day she met Henning.
(d) He is Henning's brother.

2. How did the three third graders get sick in "Being Educated and Gittin' Brung UP"?
(a) They drank the water from the sewer.
(b) Waiting in the rain to see the carp made them sick.
(c) Eating the carp made them sick.
(d) Handling the carp made them sick.

3. How did Gus react when Henning was going to whup Bill Bob for writing in the book in "Statistical Improbabilities"?
(a) He howled with laughter.
(b) He yelled for his mother.
(c) He begged his father not to "whup" Bill Bob.
(d) He cried.

4. How many hours per year does Gus's ideal schedule entail?
(a) 1500.
(b) 8000.
(c) 4,000.
(d) 10,000.

5. According to Gus in "The Ideal Schedule", what makes fishing even better?
(a) Not fishing all of the time.
(b) Fishing with Bill Bob.
(c) Fishing in the early morning.
(d) Fishing every day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of a temperament does Bill Bob have?

2. What happens in the barroom during the honeymoon of Henning and Carolina?

3. What story does Gus begin to tell at the dinner table in "Voiding My Rheum" that starts an argument between his parents?

4. What was Gus voted in his senior year in high school?

5. What does Henning do about the Izaak Walton book to prove to Ma that her opinion of it is wrong?

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