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Hook, Line and Sinker

Research the idea of fly fishing and bait fishing. What are the pros and cons of each?

Fish for These Names

Using the following names from the book, create a crossword puzzle. Hemingway, Tamanawis, Henning, Descartes, Bigeater, Titus, Rodney, Dutch, Benjamin Franklin, Nijinsky, Rodneyetta, Portland, Googler, Mangler, Rama, Arjuna and Satyavati.


Draw a favorite scene from the book. Write an explanation of the scene.

Here's What Happened

Create a storyboard of the major events of the novel. There should be at least 10 panels.

From Gus to God

Write a letter from Gus to God talking about Gus's discovery of Him.

A Poetic Excursion

Write a poem about fishing.

Just a Note to Say...

Write a letter from Abe to Gus as though Abe is writing in from heaven.

This Is My Favorite Part

Choose a memorable passage. Recite it to the class. Explain...

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