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Essay Topic 1

In the early chapters of the novel, Duncan gives strong indicators of how Gus sees the way his parents feel about their children. What are Gus's deepest thoughts? How does he express them? How do they affect Gus?

Essay Topic 2

Address the huge fight at the dinner before Gus leaves to the fishing cabin. What is revealed about his feelings towards his mother and father? What does his eruption say about the way he deals with his feelings? What are their reactions? What do their reactions say about their parenting?

Essay Topic 3

How are the Orvistons a non-traditional family? How does this effect Gus and Bill Bob?

Essay Topic 4

How is Bill Bob an extraordinary young boy? How does he affect Gus?

Essay Topic 5

What is "The Compleat Angler" and what does in mean to the Orviston family?

Essay Topic 6

Explain Ma and the way that...

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