The River Why Character Descriptions

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Augustine Gus Orviston

This character is a fishing prodigy who leaves home to live in a cabin where he can spend all of his time fishing.


This character fascinates another with her fishing style.

Carolina Carper

This character is a bait-and-hook angler, preferring a good set of worms to fly-fishing lures.

Henning Hale-Orviston

This character is a famous angler and writer of fishing expeditions.

Bill Bob

This character's theory on the Garden Angels and their Queen helps another to define his own perspectives on higher beings in his world.

Titus Irving Gerrard

This character is the philosophical teacher who becomes the teacher of another when the drowned man is found in the river.


This character rocks in his own rocking chair and drinks tea with his master.


This character is one of the children from the Coke and Doughnut Dairy who likes to name the...

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