The Risk Pool Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Sam infuriate Jenny?

Jenny becomes violent and upset when Sam reenters her life. Sam does not help Jenny with their child and he is unkind to her. He also caused problems when she filed for divorce, such as beating up her lawyer. Sam infuriates Jenny because he causes so many problems in her life.

2. How does Ned react when Sam enters his life at age six?

Ned always lied to others by saying that Sam was dead because he was embarrassed that his father left him. When Sam returns, Ned is shaken and almost cries. His father is a legend to him. Sam is smoking cigarettes and promises to withhold information from his mother. Ned reacts in a shocked manner.

3. Why did Sam kidnap Ned?

Sam kidnapped Ned in an effort to prove that Sam needed a father. When Sam returns Ned after only 24 hours, Ned is in terrible physical condition. Sam's plan did not work well, because he is an unfit parent who did not take care of his son's needs.

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