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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 16-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sam delay the divorce?
(a) Sam beats up her lawyer.
(b) Sam goes to jail.
(c) Sam manipulates the court sytem.
(d) Sam leaves town.

2. Why does Ned agree to live with Sam for awhile?
(a) Ned can work with Sam every day.
(b) Jenny is not well.
(c) Ned needs more freedom.
(d) Sam lives next to Ned's girlfriend.

3. When Sam kidnapped Ned, what did Ned think they would do together?
(a) Go for ice cream.
(b) Go fishing.
(c) Live with Jenny.
(d) Travel the state.

4. In an effort to replace the Librium, which of the following does Jenny try?
(a) Gambling.
(b) Church.
(c) Alcohol.
(d) Meth.

5. When Sam returned Ned after the kidnapping, how did Sam leave?
(a) Sam left with the police.
(b) With tears and pleading.
(c) Sam never left again.
(d) With bulletholes in his car.

Short Answer Questions

1. During Father Michaels' troubled Mass, what does Jenny do for the first time?

2. How does Ned feel after visiting Jenny in the nursing home?

3. What does Ned tell Sam about Rose's business?

4. Who joins Ned and Sam after they visit The Elms after the trip to the nursing home?

5. After Skinny relays a message to Ned, how does Jenny begin to act?

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