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Mohawk, New York

This place falls into decline after World War II.

Ned's Bike

This item is primarily used during the summer of 1959.

White Jewel House

This place is a symbol of wealth and success, and it looks like a shining jewel on the hill when it reflects the sun.

Sam's Black Thumb and Forefinger

These are black from cigarette smoking.

Myrtle Park

This is often a place of refuge.

Money People

This is an organization whose members work to get even with people.

Mohawk Grill

This place is a popular local hangout for men and serves hamburg steaks.

The Elms

This is a popular local hangout for men and is eventually lost in a poker game.

Mohawk Free Library

This place is a refuge during the hot summer months, but is intolerable during summer afternoons.

Pool Table

This item provides entertainment for long, solitary hours.

Risk Pool

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