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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


Chapters 1-5

As the book opens, Ned is a young boy. His parents fight, which creates an assortment of conflicts. The objective of this lesson is for students to analyze how Ned's parents play the role as the book's main source of conflict.


1) Partner Work: Give partnerships a web graphic organizer. The web should have two large circles: one for internal conflicts and one for external conflicts. Complete an example with them. Since an internal conflict is a conflict a character has within himself, an example could be 'Jenny versus Jenny' since she is conflicted about how to treat Sam. Have students complete both webs.

2) Class Discussion: Ask students about the number and type of conflicts Ned's parents bring to his life. Do they bring more internal conflicts or external conflicts? Are some types of conflicts more severe than others? How does Ned react to...

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