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Write a eulogy for Ned to deliver at Sam's funeral.


Create a map of Mohawk County.


Who sent Mrs. Agajanian's obituary to Ned? Write a short mystery in which the name of sender of the obituary is revealed.


Write a poem that embodies Ned's boyish feelings toward Eileen.

Wedding album

Create a small wedding album for Jenny and F. William Peterson.


Name Leigh and Ned's baby. Explain why you chose that name.

Vehicle History

Write a report of all the cars and other vehicles Sam drove throughout the novel. Provide their year, make and model, as well as how or why Sam disposed of the vehicle.

Father Michaels

What happened to Father Michaels after he left Mohawk? Write a one-page story detailing his new life.


Write a letter from Drew to Jack Ward. In it, have Drew explain his anger and what...

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