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Essay Topic 1

What effect does the flashback form have in Ned's telling of his life story?

Essay Topic 2

What aspects of Sam's mysterious personality appeal most to Ned?

Essay Topic 3

In what ways is Ned like Sam? How does Ned work to avoid similar behavior patterns?

Essay Topic 4

Evaluate Ned's relationship with his boyhood friends. How did these friendships shape him?

Essay Topic 5

How does the white jewel house symbolize wealth and success in Mohawk?

Essay Topic 6

What does Ned learn from his experience at the Mohawk Grill?

Essay Topic 7

How does Jenny abuse drugs and situations to feed her addictive personality?

Essay Topic 8

Whom does Jenny love: Sam or F. William Peterson?

Essay Topic 9

Explain Sam's growth as a father.

Essay Topic 10

How is Sam 'The Risk Pool'?

Essay Topic 11

Compare and contrast Leigh and Ned's feelings toward marriage.

Essay Topic 12

What role does gambling play in...

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