The Risk Pool Character Descriptions

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Ned Hall

This person is often in the middle of parental fights.

Sam Hall

This character is a war veteran and unable to hold a steady job.

Jenny Hall

This character develops severe emotional issues and ends up in the hospital and then a nursing home for a few years.

Ned's Grandfather

This character fought in both world wars, and developed the four seasons of Mohawk.

F. William Peterson

This character is an attorney and is a soft man of some bulk.

Wussy (Norm)

This character often wears a shapeless fishing hat and is a loyal friend.


This character is very particular, doesn't eat much, and disdains children.

Father Michaels

This character is small, nervous, and sweats a lot.

Skinny (Patrick Donovan)

This character is the groundskeeper and later works on a road crew.

Mrs. Ambrosino

This character cooks every day in the rectory of Our Lady...

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