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Chapters 1-5

• At the end of World War II, Sam returns from the war. He wants to celebrate life with his wife, Jenny.

• Jenny becomes tired of a wild life and is now pregnant with her son, Ned.

• Sam skips town and does not return to home to Mohawk for six years.
• Ned is a first grader at McKinley Elementary School.

• Ned always tells the other children that his father is dead. Sam shows up at school one day.
• Sam kidnaps Ned and takes his son fishing.

• Ned returns 24 hours later, a mess and crying.
• Jenny starts to suffer from panic attacks.

• Jenny begins attending church instead of taking medicine.

• Ned hangs out frequently at church and becomes close with Father Michaels.

Chapters 6-10

• Ned thinks his father may be returning to him and his mother, but he does not.

• Ned wakes one morning to find Father Michaels...

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