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Edmund Morris
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Short Answer Questions

1. What name refers to Republican political activists that bolted from the U.S. Republican Party by supporting Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland in the Presidential Election of 1884?

2. Where did Theodore Roosevelt and Alice Lee Roosevelt settle in New York after their brief stay at the Roosevelts’ estate on Long Island after their marriage?

3. Theodore Roosevelt began his trip to the Dakota Territory at a rough hotel along the banks of what river, according to the author in Chapter 8, “The Dude from New York”?

4. Thomas Roosevelt’s family largely spent their summers at an estate located where?

5. The Prologue of The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt opens with a detailed description of President Roosevelt greeting guests on New Year’s Day of what year?

Short Essay Questions

1. When and where was Theodore Roosevelt born? How is his infancy described in Chapter 1, “The Very Small Person”?

2. What change did Roosevelt make to his studies in his junior year, and why?

3. What were Theodore Roosevelt’s principle objectives as assemblyman during his third term, according to the author in Chapter 9, “The Honorable Gentleman”?

4. Where did Theodore Roosevelt live during his studies at Harvard? How is this setting described in Chapter 3, “The Man with the Morning in His Face”?

5. Who took custody of Theodore Roosevelt’s infant daughter after the death of his wife Alice Lee Roosevelt? Where did his daughter live?

6. How is Theodore Roosevelt’s term as assemblyman described in 1883 in Chapter 7, “The Fighting Cock”?

7. How did Theodore Roosevelt learn of the deaths of his mother and wife, according to the author in Chapter 9, “The Honorable Gentleman”?

8. Where did the Roosevelt family travel in the fall of 1870? How does the author describe Theodore Roosevelt’s impressions of these locales in Chapter 2, “The Mind, but Not the Body”?

9. What led Theodore Roosevelt to return to New York from the Dakotas in Chapter 12, “The Four-Eyed Maverick”?

10. How does the author describe Theodore Roosevelt’s studies in his second year at Harvard? What job did his father take at this time?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe and discuss the setting, people, and politics of the Dakota Territory in the 1880s. How big was the Dakota Territory? When was it eventually incorporated into states? What were the people like in this setting in the 1880s? How was law established and enforced? What were Roosevelt’s impressions of this region on his first visits here?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the birth of Alice Lee Roosevelt and the deaths of Alice and Mittie following the birth. How did the deaths of his wife and mother on the same day affect Theodore Roosevelt? Why do you think he never wrote much about Alice in his biographies and later life?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and discuss Theodore Roosevelt’s courtship with Edith Carow. How did Roosevelt first know Carow? What was their relationship like during Roosevelt’s first marriage to Alice? When did Roosevelt first begin courting Edith after his first wife’s death?

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