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Edmund Morris
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of Theodore Roosevelt’s wife when he held the office of United States President?

2. While on his spring tour honeymoon of Europe with his wife Alice, Theodore Roosevelt learned of whose assassination?

3. What is the highest mountain in Maine that Theodore Roosevelt set out to climb in his junior year of college?

4. What was the name of Alice Lee’s father?

5. At what time does the author describe Theodore Roosevelt as having concluded his hours of handshaking on New Year’s Day in the book’s Prologue?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Theodore Roosevelt travel to the Dakotas, according to the author in Chapter 11, “The Cowboy of the Present”? What did he do there in this trip?

2. What is revealed in the journal writings of Theodore Roosevelt in 1870, as seen in Chapter 2, “The Mind, but Not the Body”? What were his interests?

3. How does the author describe Theodore Roosevelt’s parents in Chapter 1, “The Very Small Person”?

4. Where did Theodore and Alice Lee Roosevelt live after their wedding? Where did Roosevelt continue his studies?

5. Who did Theodore Roosevelt make campaign speeches for when he returned East from the Dakotas in Chapter 11, “The Cowboy of the Present”?

6. What change did Roosevelt make to his studies in his junior year, and why?

7. What position did Theodore Roosevelt serve as assemblyman after the position of Speaker was finally decided in Chapter 6, “The Cyclone Assemblyman”?

8. What led Theodore Roosevelt to campaign in the New York Mayoral elections, according to the author in Chapter 14, “The Next Mayor of New York”?

9. Whom did Theodore Roosevelt encounter in jail when he returned to the Dakotas in Chapter 12, “The Four-Eyed Maverick”? Why?

10. What scenario does the author present surrounding Theodore Roosevelt in the Prologue of the biography? What setting is described?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Theodore Roosevelt’s fascination with wildlife and nature during his childhood. How did Roosevelt learn the craft of taxidermy? How did his skills as a hunter and taxidermist influence his life, career, and later, his policies as a political figure?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and discuss the different perceptions of Theodore Roosevelt expressed in the book’s Prologue. What authors and public figures liked Theodore Roosevelt? Why? Who were his critics? What did they perceive about this larger than life politician?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Theodore Roosevelt’s role in the early politics of the Dakota Territory. In what ways did Roosevelt assist in developing the first elections and stockman’s associations? How important was Roosevelt’s role in the political development of this region?

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