The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt Short Essay - Answer Key

Edmund Morris
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1. What scenario does the author present surrounding Theodore Roosevelt in the Prologue of the biography? What setting is described?

In the Prologue, the author describes in detail the way in which President Theodore Roosevelt greeted guests on New Year's Day, 1907, at the White House. After hours of handshaking, Roosevelt concluded the visits at 2 p.m. and retired into the country with his wife and five of his six children.

2. How does the author describe the impressions that Theodore Roosevelt made on those around him in the Prologue of the biography?

Roosevelt filled his days with matters of national interest ranging from peacekeeping talks to environmental preservation. The President also made an impressive physical impression; his various sports interests such as wrestling, boxing and climbing, gave him a strong physique.

3. When and where was Theodore Roosevelt born? How is his infancy described in Chapter 1, “The Very Small Person”?

Theodore Roosevelt's life began "in the late afternoon on October 27, 1858." He was born into a privileged New York City family, the second child of Theodore Senior and Martha Bulloch Roosevelt. From birth, the young Theodore suffered from various health problems, namely asthma.

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