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Edmund Morris
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28, “The Man of Destiny”.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Theodore Roosevelt’s nomination for Republican candidate for New York Governor passed, who sent him a letter of congratulations, according to the author in Chapter 26, “The Most Famous Man in America”?
(a) William Strong.
(b) Benjamin Harrison.
(c) Gouveneur Morris.
(d) William McKinley.

2. What Washington Post writer called Roosevelt a hypocrite for finding work for Shidy after the ordeal in Wisconsin, according to the author in Chapter 16, “The Silver-Plated Reform Commissioner”?
(a) George Paul.
(b) Frank Hatton.
(c) Seth Bullock.
(d) George Edmunds.

3. What admiral of the United States Navy was best known for his victory at Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War?
(a) George Edmunds.
(b) George Dewey.
(c) Thomas Hart Benton.
(d) Seth Bullock.

4. What was the name of the horse that Theodore Roosevelt had sent to Cambridge in order to pursue his courtship of Alice Lee?
(a) Golden Rod.
(b) Black Beauty.
(c) Blackie.
(d) Lightfoot.

5. Before departing the Dakota Territory from his first visit, Theodore Roosevelt purchased what property to use as a cattle ranch?
(a) The Elk Horn.
(b) The Maltese Cross.
(c) The Indigo Pass.
(d) The Lost Water.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Theodore Roosevelt’s wife Edith feel about his potential nomination of Vice President?

2. When Theodore Roosevelt returned Albany to the Republican Convention of 1884, he led the independents for what candidate?

3. By what nickname was Theodore Roosevelt’s sister, Anna Roosevelt, known?

4. From whose brother did Theodore Roosevelt purchase the lands in the Dakota Territory that he planned to use as a cattle ranch?

5. On what date was Theodore Roosevelt sworn in as Vice President of the United States?

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