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Edmund Morris
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23, “The Lieutenant Colonel”.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Theodore Roosevelt meet at a party that suggested Roosevelt accompany him to Dakota, according to the author in Chapter 7, “The Fighting Cock”?
(a) Commander H. H. Gorringe.
(b) Commander Isaac Hunt.
(c) Commander James Smith.
(d) Commander Charles Patterson.

2. What physical ailment frequently caused problems for Theodore Roosevelt during his childhood?
(a) Asthma.
(b) Epilepsy.
(c) Autism.
(d) Crohn’s disease.

3. Who was the Presidential nominee that was chosen at the 1884 Republican Convention?
(a) James G. Blaine.
(b) Grover Cleveland.
(c) George Edmunds.
(d) Titus Sheard.

4. As a New York State Assemblyman, what nickname did Theodore Roosevelt gain for his habit of striking down the bills of others while drafting little legislation of his own?
(a) “Wunderkind Assemblyman.”
(b) “Cyclone Assemblyman.”
(c) “Ivy League Assemblyman.”
(d) “Whippersnapper Assemblyman.”

5. What author befriended Theodore Roosevelt and later wrote of him that he seemed to have the energy to keep the universe spinning, according to the author in Chapter 18, “The Universe Spinner”?
(a) Mark Twain.
(b) Edgar Allan Poe.
(c) Rudyard Kipling.
(d) James Whitney.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 9, “The Honorable Gentleman,” the author states that Theodore Roosevelt succeeded in pushing three pieces of legislations through, including a reform of what?

2. Theodore Roosevelt was appointed to the post of Assistant Secretary of the Navy in what year?

3. In how many of his seven subjects did Theodore Roosevelt earn honors at the completion of his freshman year in college?

4. In his role as New York City Police Commissioner, Theodore Roosevelt enlisted the aid of reporters from what publication?

5. When Theodore Roosevelt first arrived in Albany as an assemblyman, he was compared by his fellow assemblyman to what contemporary writer of the time?

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