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Edmund Morris
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, “The Dude from New York”.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What university did Theodore Roosevelt attend?
(a) Yale University.
(b) Brown University.
(c) Rutgers University.
(d) Harvard University.

2. Who did Theodore Roosevelt become friends with during his early career as an assemblyman, who became Roosevelt’s first ally?
(a) George Edmunds.
(b) Charles Patterson.
(c) Isaac Hunt.
(d) Seth Bullock.

3. As a New York State Assemblyman, what nickname did Theodore Roosevelt gain for his habit of striking down the bills of others while drafting little legislation of his own?
(a) “Wunderkind Assemblyman.”
(b) “Ivy League Assemblyman.”
(c) “Cyclone Assemblyman.”
(d) “Whippersnapper Assemblyman.”

4. At what address did the Roosevelt family live when Theodore Roosevelt was born?
(a) 12 East 30th Street.
(b) 6 West 57th Street.
(c) 45 West 12th Street.
(d) 28 East 20th Street.

5. What is the highest mountain in Maine that Theodore Roosevelt set out to climb in his junior year of college?
(a) Mount Ozark.
(b) Mount McKinley.
(c) Mount Harrison.
(d) Mount Katahdin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Theodore Roosevelt hire as a local guide on his first trip to the Dakota Territory?

2. Who was elected as Speaker in the New York Assembly in 1881 and 1882?

3. From whose brother did Theodore Roosevelt purchase the lands in the Dakota Territory that he planned to use as a cattle ranch?

4. When Theodore Roosevelt first arrived in Albany as an assemblyman, he was compared by his fellow assemblyman to what contemporary writer of the time?

5. In how many of his seven subjects did Theodore Roosevelt earn honors at the completion of his freshman year in college?

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