The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Edmund Morris
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Essay Topic 1

Describe and discuss the different perceptions of Theodore Roosevelt expressed in the book’s Prologue. What authors and public figures liked Theodore Roosevelt? Why? Who were his critics? What did they perceive about this larger than life politician?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the economic, cultural, technological, and societal world of 1858. What was the national and international political atmosphere like at this time? What technological advances had influenced society? Who was U.S. President?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Theodore Roosevelt’s relationships with his mother, father, and siblings during his childhood. How did Theodore Senior and Martha Bulloch Roosevelt differ in their personalities and relationships with their children? What were the greatest influences on young Theodore at this time?

Essay Topic 4

Describe and discuss the settings that Theodore Roosevelt visited with his family in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East during his childhood. What were Roosevelt’s impressions of...

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