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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Persis Lapham find crying in Chapter Seventeen?
(a) Penelope.
(b) Nanny Corey.
(c) Irene.
(d) Tom Corey.

2. What does Tom Corey try unsuccessfully to convince Penelope of at the end of Chapter Nineteen?
(a) That Irene is going to find another lover.
(b) That he and she have done nothing wrong.
(c) That their families have a lot in common.
(d) That his parents will accept her.

3. In Chapter Seventeen, who does Silas Lapham tell his wife he found at their house the previous night?
(a) Zerilla Dewey.
(b) Milton Rogers.
(c) Tom Corey.
(d) Bromfield Corey.

4. What note does Penelope send to Tom Corey at the beginning of Chapter Twenty Two?
(a) A note begging him to court her sister instead.
(b) A note begging him to elope with her.
(c) A note declaring her love for him.
(d) A note telling him to not come see her any more.

5. Who refers to Silas Lapham as General Lapham instead of by his true title of Colonel Lapham?
(a) Anna Corey.
(b) Charles Bellingham.
(c) Mr. Sewell.
(d) Bromfield Corey.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many sisters does Tom Corey have?

2. What novel do Tom Corey and Penelope discuss when Tom sees that Penelope is reading it?

3. With what keen sense does Nanny Corey read novels?

4. When Silas Lapham meets with James Bellingham to discuss buying out another company, what does Bellingham suggest that Lapham do instead?

5. What is the result of Milton Rogers's deadline for bringing the potential buyers of the mills to Silas Lapham's office?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the business deal Silas Lapham and Milton Rogers make regarding the mills.

2. Describe the Civil War experiences Silas Lapham relates to the other guests at the Coreys' dinner party.

3. What moral dilemma does Silas Lapham have over Rogers's proposed business deal?

4. What new business proposition does Milton Rogers bring Silas Lapham in Chapter Twenty Five?

5. How do the Laphams react to the dinner invitation from the aristocratic Coreys?

6. What opinion does Persis Lapham cling to about Milton Rogers despite being presented with evidence to the contrary, and what does this indicate about her character?

7. Describe Anna Corey's visit to the Lapham home in Chapter Twelve.

8. Describe Silas Lapham's interactions with Zerrilla Dewey and her mother, Moll Millon, in Chapter Twenty Three.

9. What bad news does Walker the bookkeeper deliver to Silas Lapham about Lapham's paint company in Chapter Twenty One?

10. Which member of the Lapham family does not attend the Corey dinner party and what different reactions do Anna Corey and Persis Lapham have to the absence?

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