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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who saves Lapham's life during the Civil War by taking a bullet meant for Lapham?
(a) Jim Millon.
(b) Persis Lapham's father, George.
(c) Milton Rogers.
(d) Bromfield Corey.

2. When Persis Lapham tells Penelope that Tom Corey has offered to invest in her father's company, how does Penelope respond?
(a) She agrees at last to marry Tom.
(b) Her feelings for Tom soften.
(c) She tells her father to take the loan.
(d) She sobs herself to sleep.

3. Who does Irene mention frequently in her letters from Dubuque?
(a) Cousin Will.
(b) Her hatred of Penelope.
(c) Her fear about her father's health.
(d) The fashions in Iowa.

4. From whom has Silas Lapham purchased mills in Chapter Twenty?
(a) James Bellingham.
(b) Bromfield Corey.
(c) Jim Millon.
(d) Milton Rogers.

5. How does the elegant and classically designed Corey home seem to the Laphams when they enter it?
(a) Boring.
(b) Bare.
(c) Overly fancy.
(d) Old-fashioned.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the Laphams is happiest about the Coreys' dinner invitation?

2. What does Silas Lapham accuse Milton Rogers of being?

3. What novel do the guests at the Coreys' dinner party discuss?

4. When Lapham apologizes to Tom Corey at the office after the Coreys' dinner party for his behavior at the party, what does Tom blame for the incident?

5. In Chapter Twenty Three, why does Silas Lapham wish his daughter would marry Tom Corey?

Short Essay Questions

1. What revelation does Tom Corey make to Penelope Lapham in Chapter Sixteen and what is Penelope's surprising reaction to the news?

2. What is the reaction of Bromfield and Anna Corey to the news that their son loves Penelope rather than Irene Lapham?

3. Why do the Coreys decide to invite the Laphams to dinner if they don't really like them?

4. Describe Anna Corey's visit to the Lapham home in Chapter Twelve.

5. Describe the Civil War experiences Silas Lapham relates to the other guests at the Coreys' dinner party.

6. Who is Mr. Sewell and what does he suggest that Silas and Persis Lapham do about the situation between their daughters and Tom Corey?

7. Describe Silas Lapham's interactions with Zerrilla Dewey and her mother, Moll Millon, in Chapter Twenty Three.

8. What mistakes does Silas Lapham commit at the Corey dinner party?

9. Describe how Silas Lapham confronts Milton Rogers in Chapter Twenty One and how Rogers responds to that confrontation.

10. What opinion does Persis Lapham cling to about Milton Rogers despite being presented with evidence to the contrary, and what does this indicate about her character?

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