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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Anna Corey think Tom's marriage to Irene Lapham would be worse than his joining the Lapham paint business?
(a) Silas Lapham would be his father-in-law.
(b) Persis Lapham would be his mother-in-law.
(c) Irene is not pretty.
(d) Irene is dull.

2. In Chapter Nine, who thinks the Lapham family is below the Corey family?
(a) Tom Corey.
(b) Irene Lapham.
(c) Silas Lapham.
(d) Bromfield Corey.

3. In Chapter Two, who sends Persis Lapham a lithographed circular soliciting for donations to a charity?
(a) Anna Corey.
(b) Her daughter's teacher.
(c) The governor's wife.
(d) Mr. Sewell.

4. Which relative has Tom Corey consulted in addition to his father about the merits of joining Lapham's mineral paint business?
(a) His maternal grandmother.
(b) His paternal grandfather.
(c) His sister nanny.
(d) His maternal Uncle Jim.

5. To where does Silas Lapham want to take Bromfield Corey for a fish dinner?
(a) His Vermont farm.
(b) Tafts.
(c) A French restaurant in Manhattan.
(d) His home in Nankeen Square.

6. Which of the following statements does not describe Irene Lapham?
(a) She is beautiful.
(b) She spends her leisure time shopping
(c) She prefers housekeeping to studying.
(d) She is an intellectual with a college degree.

7. At the beginning of Chapter Eleven, who does Tom Corey suggest his father meet?
(a) Irene Lapham.
(b) Silas Lapham.
(c) Penelope Lapham.
(d) Mr. Sewell.

8. What business does Persis Lapham tell her husband she thinks Tom Corey will never go into?
(a) Medicine.
(b) Real estate.
(c) Journalism.
(d) The mineral paint business.

9. In Chapter Three, who do Silas and Persis Lapham run into while visiting the construction site of their new home?
(a) Bromfield Corey.
(b) Milton Rogers, Lapham's former partner.
(c) Mr. Sewell.
(d) Persis Lapham's aged mother.

10. Where was Silas Lapham born?
(a) In New Orleans.
(b) On a farm in Vermont.
(c) On a boat on the Mississippi River.
(d) In a Philadelphia slum.

11. For whom does Silas Lapham name his top brand of paint?
(a) His daughter, Penelope.
(b) His mother, Marie.
(c) His daughter, Irene.
(d) His wife, Persis.

12. In Chapter Four, with whom does Silas Lapham sit in the frame of a bay window at the construction site of the family's new Beacon Street house?
(a) His daughters.
(b) Bromfield Corey.
(c) His wife.
(d) Mr. Sewell.

13. On what street is the Lapham family's Boston home located?
(a) Nankeen Square.
(b) Fifth Avenue.
(c) Main Street.
(d) Rodeo Drive.

14. What does Anna Corey think of the Lapham family borrowing books from the public library?
(a) That it shows theit interest in literature.
(b) That it shows how frugal they are.
(c) That it shows their ignorance of literature.
(d) That it makes them common.

15. To how much does Persis Lapham limit her husband's spending on their new home?
(a) One million dollars.
(b) Fifty thousand dollars.
(c) One hundred thousand dollars.
(d) Ten thousand dollars.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Persis Lapham discourage her husband from bringing Tom Corey home with him?

2. What does Persis Lapham try unsuccessfully to get her husband to understand at the end of Chapter Nine?

3. What is Anna Corey's reaction when her husband Bromfield tells her their son has decided to join Silas Lapham's paint business?

4. Whose death brings sorrow to the early years of the Lapham marriage?

5. What does Tom Corey tell his father in Chapter Eleven that Mrs. Lapham has never done, a fact the Coreys find unusual given the Lapham wealth?

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