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Short Answer Questions

1. DeSoya rightly suspects that ____________ is a spy.

2. What does Simmons spend a great deal of time describing in Chapter 16?

3. Where is the Temple Hanging in the Air located?

4. To whom does the Taliesin West look for leadership when their old cybrid dies?

5. What is on Isosaki's heir and apprentice's chest?

Short Essay Questions

1. Whom does Kenso Isosaki want destroyed and why?

2. What sends Raul into free fall again in Chapter 12?

3. According to Raul, what does Father Clifton's doctrine prompt?

4. Who is Rachel Weintraub?

5. What happens to Raul in Lock Childe Lamonde?

6. Describe Raul and Aenea's dream conversations in Chapter 8.

7. What happens to Isosaki when he discusses the meeting of the Core with Cognani?

8. What is ironic about Raul's affliction?

9. Describe the beginning of the Pax's raids in Chapter 9.

10. What is Task Force GIDEON?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze and discuss how Aenea acquired such knowledge of the Core and its history and what significance the way she obtained that information has in "The Rise of Endymion."

Essay Topic 2

Explain and discuss the significance in the reveal that A. Bettik was the Observer for the Lions, Tigers, and Bears.

Essay Topic 3

Explain and discuss how Aenea's role in "The Rise of Endymion" runs parallel to God.

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