The Rise of Endymion Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Captain DeSoya.

Captain DeSoya is a settled priest who lives a quiet life on Madrededios. He is court-martialed at the beginning of the book for allowing Aenea to escape from God's Grove.

2. Why is Lenar Hoyt significant?

Lenar Hoyt, who is now Pope Julius XIV, dies for the ninth time in Chapter 1. He is resurrected and once again crowned Pope.

3. Describe the Taliesin West in Chapter 2.

The Taliesin West is in great turmoil in Chapter 2. Their cybrid leader has just died, and they turn to Aenea for leadership in their time of distraught.

4. Who is Raul?

Raul is the first person to leave the Taliesin West and travel alone. Aenea predicts that Raul will leave solo, which he does.

5. Why is Corporal Bassin Kee tortured in Chapter 3?

Corporal Bassin Kee is being tortured by Grand Inquisitor Mustafa and Father Farrell for information about why he and DeSoya allowed Aenea to escape from God's Grove. Kee refuses to give any information. He is is incarcerated for four years.

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