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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21-22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Raul assigned a guard to watch over him in Lock Childe Lamonde?
(a) They want to protect him.
(b) They think he is dangerous.
(c) They don't want him to escape.
(d) They find him delirious.

2. Who assigns DeSoya to a different outpost?
(a) The Core.
(b) Aenea.
(c) The Pope.
(d) Raul.

3. Who do Mustafa and Father Farrell torture for information?
(a) Captain Bassin Kee.
(b) Captain DeSoya.
(c) Corporal Bassin Kee.
(d) Corporal DeSoya.

4. Whom does the Pope intend to put into stasis to control any possible contagions?
(a) Isosaki.
(b) The Church.
(c) All non-Christian humans.
(d) The entire T'ien Shan population.

5. What does Raul's kayak convert into as he presses the emergency button?
(a) A glider.
(b) A helicopter.
(c) An airplane.
(d) A parachute.

Short Answer Questions

1. What planet does the Shrike invade?

2. What happens to Raul after he drank water upon arriving to Lock Childe Lamonde?

3. What character's actions are similar to those of Sol Weintraub?

4. What is the Void Which Binds?

5. To whom does the Taliesin West look for leadership when their old cybrid dies?

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