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Archangel-class Starship

These are capable of delivering messages or striking with force across great interstellar distances.

The Raphael

This is the archangel-class starship commanded by Father Captain Federico DeSoya.

The Consul's Ship

This is the personal starship of one of the Hyperion pilgrims. Any passengers traveling on it will incur relativity time debt.


This is a type of portal, developed by the Core, which allows one to be transported instantaneously to another location.


This is a device created by future elements. It is a parasite that attaches itself to a human's chest.


This is specifically designed to incorporate the character of a specific human being, often someone of great fame.

Gideon Drive

This is the star drive that powers the arch-angel ships. It creates so much thrust that it kills its crew with each use.

The Comlog Bracelet

This is a special bracelet worn by...

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