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Essay Topic 1

Explain and analyze what Aenea's suggestion towards humanity is when she says that "if they hide from humanity, they are squandering all they have learned previously."

Essay Topic 2

Analyze and discuss how the Core's foreshadowing of DeSoya's involvement in capturing Aenea is flawed with prognostication in that they did not foresee the reaction to the event.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss and describe the religious sentiment in "The Rise of Endymion" and how it does not demonstrate a typical religious loyalty.

Essay Topic 4

Discuss and describe the irony of Raul's affliction from a kidney stone to the events of his life prior to drinking from the public well in Lock Childe Lamonde.

Essay Topic 5

Analyze and explain the several layers of the Pope's deception and betrayal in his dealings with Mustafa.

Essay Topic 6

Analyze and discuss how Aenea acquired such knowledge of the Core and its history and...

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