The Rise of Endymion Character Descriptions

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Raul Endymion

This person was born to a nomadic tribe on the frontiers of Hyperion and was made to memorize the Cantos, the epic poem.


This person is the daughter of a human and Hyperion pilgrim and a Core cybrid.

A. Bettik

This person is an Observer for members of an extremely advanced civilization.

Lenar Hoyt

This person assumed the leadership of the Church following the assassination of a good friend.

Father Paul Dure

This person first came to the planet after leaving the Church in disgrace for academic fraud.

Simon Augustino Cardinal Lourdusamy

This person is a large and overweight man whose real appetite is for power.

Father Captain Federico DeSoya

This person is a priest of the Church and a distinguished captain in the Pax fleet.

Grand Inquisitor John Domenico Mustafa

This person is devoted to the Church for the power it gives him over...

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