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Chapter 1-2

• Aenea, Raul Endymion and the android A Bettik have all escaped from the Core assassin Rhadamanth Nemes.

• They are living on Old Earth which was transported to a nearby galaxy by the alien forces Lions, Tigers, and Bears.

• Aenea works for a compound of students called the Taliesin West, which used to be New Mexico.

• Captain DeSoya helped Aenea to escape the grasp of God's Grove.
• Lenar Hoyt, called Pope Julius XIV ,dies for the ninth time in Chapter 1.

• The Raphael ship arrives in God's Grove carrying three Core cyborg assassins and they are told to find and kill Aenea.

• Both the Pope and Father Paul Dure awake from resurrection.

• The Taliesin West looks for Aenea for leadership in Chapter 2.

• Aenea sends Raul away from the community alone.

Chapters 3-4

• Grand Inquisitor Mustafa and Father Farrell torture Corporal Bassin Kee for information on why DeSoya allowed...

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