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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The _____ in "Indra and the Monkey" is regarded as the indigenous inhabitant, regarded as demonic.
(a) Demi-god.
(b) Slave.
(c) Poet.
(d) Sage.

2. Asura is a _____ in early Vedic tradition, before he becomes a demon.
(a) Frog.
(b) Fertility god.
(c) Sky god.
(d) Lion.

3. What is the name of Indra's wife?
(a) Yamora.
(b) Indora.
(c) Indrani.
(d) Yamani.

4. The family of sages who praise Dawn in "Dawn and the Asvins" are called _____.
(a) Asvins.
(b) Gotamas.
(c) Asturas.
(d) Brahmins.

5. Who is the mother of the gods?
(a) Yami.
(b) Aditi.
(c) Siva.
(d) Mitra.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the sky and earth parents of?

2. In "The Deeds of the Asvins", the feet in the phrase 'in three chariots with six horses and a hundred feet' are _____.

3. In "Varuna the Friend of Vasistha", where does the sun rest all night?

4. What is another name for the 'axis mundi' mentioned in "Guard Us from the Monstrous Abyss"?

5. What is the symbol of an unfaithful woman in "Pururavas and Urvasi"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the central image of the hymn, "Mudgala's Wife and the Bull in the Chariot", and how do their interpretations overlap?

2. How is creation mythology presented in "Varuna Provoked to Anger"?

3. Who brandishes their power and in what way in "The Deeds of Varuna"?

4. What are the possible meanings of the 'banner that dawn plants in the sky' in "Dawn and the Asvins"?

5. What is the role of beauty in regards to women in the Rig Veda?

6. How is the phrase 'O, little mother' a triple entendre in "Indra and the Monkey"?

7. What does the poet ask for at the end of "Parjanya, the Bull", and why?

8. In "Varuna Provoked to Anger", what is the nature of Vasistha's sins toward Varuna?

9. In the dialogue between Agastya and the Maruts in "Agastya and the Maruts", what is Agastya trying to do?

10. In "The Courtship of Ghosa", what does Ghosa ask the Asvins?

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