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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many people restrain the horse of Tvastr during sacrifice?
(a) Two.
(b) Ten.
(c) Eight.
(d) Four.

2. At the end of "The Birth of Agni", what does Agni turn into?
(a) A bull.
(b) A frog.
(c) A demon.
(d) A horse.

3. What is the inner membrane of the embryo called?
(a) Cytoplasm.
(b) Nucleus.
(c) Caul.
(d) Wall.

4. An Asura is a form of high ____.
(a) Devotion.
(b) Catechism.
(c) Priesthood.
(d) Divinity.

5. What are said to have more powers than the Fathers in heaven?
(a) The children of heaven.
(b) The Mothers of heaven.
(c) The horses of heaven.
(d) The goats of heaven.

6. What is thought of as a symbol of rain and fertility?
(a) The rain cloud.
(b) The female frog.
(c) The lioness.
(d) The goose egg.

7. _____ are seers as well as poets.
(a) Priests.
(b) Painters.
(c) Sages.
(d) Demi-gods.

8. Who is "Destruction" in the "Burial Hymn"?
(a) The female personification of disorder.
(b) Karma.
(c) The male personification of evil.
(d) Indra's sister.

9. The daughter of the sun is the _____ of Soma.
(a) Wife.
(b) Niece.
(c) Sister.
(d) Friend.

10. The Soma stalk mixes with water to form the juice of _____.
(a) Learning.
(b) Immortality.
(c) Nothingness.
(d) Death.

11. In the hymn "Yama and the Fathers", who is being told to go away from the burning-ground where they live?
(a) Ants.
(b) Cold-blooded snakes.
(c) Flesh-eating ghouls.
(d) Mud daubers.

12. What is the male element of the newborn sun or fire?
(a) The flames.
(b) Bones.
(c) Heat.
(d) Eyes.

13. The Invoker is what type of priest in "The Sacrifice of the Horse"?
(a) Hotr.
(b) Brahmin.
(c) Yaman.
(d) All-maker.

14. Who is the beloved grey priest?
(a) The night sky.
(b) The rain.
(c) The Soma plant.
(d) The oblation fire.

15. The traditional _____ in the Rig Veda is the tale of the king and the priest.
(a) Gloss.
(b) Glue.
(c) Glamour.
(d) Gale.

Short Answer Questions

1. Max Muller dubs the unknown god _____.

2. Which river surrounds heaven and earth in the unknown god myth?

3. Indra splits open a _____ to release trapped cows.

4. In "We Have Drunk the Soma", Dawn harnesses _____ to her chariot to bring treasure to the singer of the hymn.

5. What is the name of the ancient sage to whom "Requiem for a Horse" is attributed?

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