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Essay Topic 1

Explain the meaning of "Hiranyagarbha". What are the different meanings of the separate parts of the word? What is the symbolism contained in the word?

Essay Topic 2

The author describes paradox as a main component of the Rig Veda. Analyze "The Funeral Fire" and describe its paradoxes and ways in which these paradoxes are interpreted.

Essay Topic 3

Describe how Soma is symbolic. What is it made from? What is its function? Who uses it? Why?

Essay Topic 4

What are the different types of oblation? Where and when are they presented, and by whom? Cite specific instances from the hymns.

Essay Topic 5

There are many metaphors for the sun in the Rig Veda. Find examples of these and explain how they are used. The sun itself is a metaphor for which gods? Cite examples.

Essay Topic 6

Describe the ritual involved in the sacrifice of the horse. Describe...

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