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Book 1, Creation & Death : Chapter 1, Introductions, Creation & Death.

• The first set of hymns of The Rig Veda relate to creation.

• The writers sang or chanted about the origin of the world and the beginning of the gods.

• Natural, observable forces are the source of some need or yearning to define them in an extraordinarily special way - as god or gods.

• Indra is first named with an almost hesitant effort to approach the reality of the world.
• The 'who' referred to in the Creation him is called Ka.

• The word Hiranyadgarbha is significant to creation .

• This word has many meanings wrapped up in the different parts of the word, including 'gold' and 'womb'.

• This means that the god is the golden embryo or seed.

• The world of humans is also put into perspective.
• Death is redefined as an entity.

• Yama is described as 'the King of Death.

• The rites...

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