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Short Answer Questions

1. What were the small boys called who hauled powder from the magazine to the cannon during the Revolutionary War?

2. When he is an infant, how does Richard Allen Mesington get Sissy to stop walking?

3. According to the novel, how fast does a black powder charge burn?

4. What constituted the "door" to the powder magazine in Revolutionary War ships?

5. What does Richard Allen Mesington call the first heavy equipment he sees moving earth?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why don't the Mesinger and the Kline children play together?

2. How many people own the "sweet" rifle?

3. What experiences does Mesinger have with firearms in his life?

4. How does the rifle fire after 217 years?

5. Describe the chain of events that leads to the rifle being accidentally discharged.

6. What happens to the adults that survive the accidental death of Richard Allen Mesinger?

7. Describe the early life of Richard Allen Mesinger .

8. Describe the chain of events that leads to the rifle being above Harv Kline's fireplace.

9. What happens when the rifle accidentally discharges above Harv Kline's fireplace?

10. Why does the novel spend so much time characterizing Richard Allen Mesinger?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Is the book a novel or a political screed? Defend your selection.

Essay Topic 2

The novel portrays the British during the American Revolutionary War as violent and foolhardy. Do you agree with this portrayal? Discuss why enemy troops always are vituperated in the media.

Essay Topic 3

Cornish McManus is described as an excellent gunsmith but an indifferent shot. Discuss how it is possible to be very good at one thing but not very good at something else that is closely associated.

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