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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Richard Allen Mesington is fourteen years old, who is his girlfriend?
(a) Sarah
(b) Peggy
(c) Sissy
(d) Isabelle

2. Why doesn't Richard Allen Mesington play with the next door neighbor Harv Kline's son?
(a) Harv Kline's son is too young
(b) Harv Kline's son doesn't like guns
(c) Harv Kline's son drowned as an infant
(d) Harv Kline's son is too old

3. According to the novel, how common were firearms accidents prior to 1850?
(a) They were almost unheard of
(b) They were very rare
(c) They were common
(d) They were virtually non-existent

4. What does the Mesinger family do in the early evening of Christmas Eve, 1993?
(a) They sit down to a huge dinner of goose
(b) They play "sub-for-Santa" with the Kline family
(c) They go snow sledding
(d) They walk the neighborhood looking at Christmas decorations

5. What does Harv Kline say after the "sweet" rifle accidentally discharges?
(a) "Take that..." (p. 95)
(b) "What--" (p. 95)
(c) "Bang!" (p. 95)
(d) He curses

Short Answer Questions

1. In Missouri, one of Richard Allen Mesington's neighbors tells him stories about what historical world event?

2. What clears the "mummified grease" (p. 92) from the touchhole of the "sweet" rifle?

3. How long does Sissy live?

4. Richard Allen Mesington dreams of learning how to throw what kind of a baseball pitch?

5. According to the novel, how much time elapses between the spark setting off the "sweet" rifle and Richard Allen Mesinger's death?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Richard Allen Mesinger's early teenage life.

2. Imagine that you came into possession of the "sweet" rifle instead of Tilson. What would you do with the rifle if you did not know its history? What would you do with the rifle if you did know its history?

3. Is the "sweet" rifle a work of art?

4. Sarah steals the rifle from John Byam as he dies; does Tilson steal the rifle from Harv Kline?

5. What does Richard Allen Mesinger think about his neighbor Harv Kline's antique gun?

6. How does the rifle fire after 217 years?

7. What experiences does Mesinger have with firearms in his life?

8. The novel summarizes the life that Richard Allen Mesinger "would" have had if he had not been killed. Is this a valid narrative technique?

9. Describe Richard Allen Mesinger's academic performance.

10. The Mesinger family moves several times during the novel; what impact does this have on Richard Allen Mesinger?

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