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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What tall tale does Tim Harrow make up about the "sweet" rifle that, unbeknownst to him, is actually true?
(a) That is was used to assassinate President Lincoln
(b) That it once was owned by Thomas Jefferson
(c) That is was used in the American Civil War
(d) That it was used in the American Revolutionary War

2. Where does Tim Harrow live?
(a) In a motor home that is always on the move
(b) He is homeless
(c) In a trailer park in New York
(d) In Arkansas

3. In the rifle that Cornish McManus builds, the flint strikes a piece of metal called what?
(a) The patch box
(b) The pan
(c) The frizzen
(d) The hammer

4. Although the unnamed man whose children find the "sweet" rifle in the attic of their new house finds it beautiful, he gets rid of it. Why?
(a) He needs money so he sells it
(b) He doesn't have a gun permit
(c) He already has a gun
(d) His wife is afraid of guns

5. What type of grease does Cornish McManus use to lubricate his patches?
(a) Hoppe's #9
(b) Bear grease
(c) Axle grease
(d) Rancid butter

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the novel, how much would the "sweet" rifle be worth if its provenance were known and proved?

2. What type of rifle is Cornish McManus's "sweet" rifle?

3. Why was curly maple so prized for gun-stocks?

4. British forces hang a farmer named Bainbridge because they find what hidden on his property?

5. What is Tim Harrow doing when he hears about the bloody end of the Waco Siege on 19 April 1993?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the initial organization of McRary's Rangers.

2. How long does Cornish McManus own his "sweet" rifle before he sells it?

3. Do you think that John Waynewright would have valued Cornish McManus's "sweet" rifle?

4. What was the leading cause of death among American Revolutionary War soldiers?

5. Most gunsmiths would test their barrels early in the manufacturing process, to avoid wasting time finishing faulty barrels. Cornish McManus does not test his barrel until the entire gun is finished. Why?

6. What does John Byam use the "sweet" rifle for?

7. Why does John Byam offer so much wealth in exchange for Cornish McManus' "sweet" rifle?

8. Why does it take Cornish McManus so long to build the "sweet" rifle?

9. Describe how life in the American army forces is presented in the novel.

10. Cornish McManus is a superb gunsmith with great vision and skill. Describe his shooting ability.

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