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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kills most of the soldiers during the American Revolutionary War?
(a) Dysentery
(b) Cannon
(c) Snipers
(d) Rifles

2. What is the name of the hand tool that Cornish McManus used to cut the barrel channel into the stock of his "sweet" rifle?
(a) A bore punch
(b) A mold
(c) A burr
(d) A rifling saw

3. After buying the "sweet" rifle for twenty-five dollars, for how much does the antique store owner sell the weapon?
(a) Twenty thousand dollars
(b) Two thousand dollars
(c) Two hundred thousand dollars
(d) Two hundred dollars

4. What kills Tim Harrow?
(a) He's shot in the forehead by Harv Kline
(b) Stomach cancer caused by drinking beer
(c) The British hang him as a traitor
(d) The police shoot him while raiding his motor home for guns

5. What is the irregular mark called that is left on a bullet after it is cast?
(a) The burr
(b) The sprue
(c) The bite
(d) Lucifer's footprint

6. According to the novel, what is the curve of a bullet's nose called?
(a) The secant ogive
(b) The snout
(c) Sugar loaf
(d) Hollow point

7. According to the novel, how much would the "sweet" rifle be worth if its provenance were known and proved?
(a) It would be priceless
(b) $350
(c) $10,000 - $15,000
(d) $700

8. How much force does it take on the trigger to fire that "sweet" rifle that Cornish McManus builds?
(a) About three hundred pounds
(b) About three ounces
(c) About thirty pounds
(d) About three pounds

9. In the rifle that Cornish McManus builds, the flint strikes a piece of metal called what?
(a) The frizzen
(b) The pan
(c) The patch box
(d) The hammer

10. What type of shot is Cornish McManus?
(a) McManus is a bad shot
(b) McManus never shoots a gun in the novel
(c) McManus is a crack shot
(d) McManus is an average shot

11. British forces hang a farmer named Bainbridge because they find what hidden on his property?
(a) The "sweet" rifle that McManus built
(b) A psychiatric evaluation
(c) Cannon powder and lead
(d) American coinage

12. Tim Harrow's mind is swirling with all of the following except?
(a) Information about the United States Constitution
(b) Information about guns
(c) Information about literature
(d) Information about Christianity

13. What object rekindles in Cornish McManus the desire to build a masterpiece of a rifle?
(a) A newspaper article
(b) A woman's petticoat
(c) A target shooting competition
(d) A rough-sawn "blank" of curly maple

14. What type of lock does Cornish McManus fit into his "sweet" rifle?
(a) A match lock
(b) A padlock
(c) A flintlock
(d) A Browning lock

15. In Cornish McManus' opinion, what is the most significant aspect of a rifle?
(a) Weight
(b) Accuracy
(c) Beauty
(d) Cost

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of soldiers does John Byam prefer to kill?

2. Who discovers the "sweet" rifle in 1993 in the attic of a house in Connecticut?

3. Where does Tim Harrow live?

4. What event in American history does Tim Harrow know the most about?

5. Tim Harrow refers to the effect of bullet impact on game as...

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