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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Weapon, pages 33 to 66.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Tim Harrow doing when he hears about the bloody end of the Waco Siege on 19 April 1993?
(a) Cleaning McManus' "sweet" rifle
(b) Being arrested for public intoxication
(c) Discovering a genetic cure for heart disease
(d) Driving through Missouri

2. What type of rifle is Cornish McManus's "sweet" rifle?
(a) A matchlock
(b) A flintlock
(c) A snaphaunce
(d) A wheel lock

3. Although the unnamed man whose children find the "sweet" rifle in the attic of their new house finds it beautiful, he gets rid of it. Why?
(a) He doesn't have a gun permit
(b) He already has a gun
(c) His wife is afraid of guns
(d) He needs money so he sells it

4. Who built the rifle discussed in the novel?
(a) Cornish McManus
(b) John Waynewright
(c) Joe Manton
(d) John Byam

5. Why does Cornish McManus cast bullets that are a little too small for the rifle's bore?
(a) So they can be used with a patch
(b) So they will be inaccurate
(c) So they can be loaded quickly
(d) Because he doesn't know what he's doing

Short Answer Questions

1. What object rekindles in Cornish McManus the desire to build a masterpiece of a rifle?

2. According to the novel, what is the curve of a bullet's nose called?

3. What happens to John Byam's "sweet" rifle after he dies?

4. Tim Harrow is enthralled with what hobby?

5. What type of soldiers does John Byam prefer to kill?

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