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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Weapon, pages 3 to 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Most rifles of the American Revolutionary War period were .58 to .75 caliber. What caliber was Cornish McManus' "sweet" rifle?
(a) .40 caliber
(b) .75 caliber
(c) .58 caliber
(d) .66 caliber

2. What material does Cornish McManus use to build the butt plate, the patch box, the keys, and the cap of this "sweet" rifle?
(a) Steel
(b) Curly maple
(c) Brass
(d) Wood

3. Who built the rifle discussed in the novel?
(a) Joe Manton
(b) John Waynewright
(c) Cornish McManus
(d) John Byam

4. What surprises Cornish McManus the most when first he test fires the rifle?
(a) The rifle kicks like a mule
(b) Three shots go into the same hole on the target
(c) The rifle doesn't make very much noise
(d) The rifle doesn't fire

5. What is the final operation in the construction of Cornish McManus' "sweet" rifle?
(a) Selecting the stock blank
(b) Welding on the front sight
(c) Drilling the hole from the pan through the barrel
(d) Fitting the barrel to the stock

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the twist rate of the rifling of the barrel of Cornish McManus' "sweet" rifle?

2. How much powder does Cornish McManus use when he shoots his "sweet" rifle?

3. What does rifling do for a rifle?

4. What function does the tang perform on the rifle that Cornish McManus built?

5. Why does Cornish McManus choose a small caliber for his "sweet" rifle?

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