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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An early American city that was the site of much gun manufacturing activity during the mid 1700s.

New York

An American colony, and later State, that was the site of much fighting during the American Revolutionary War.

Curly Maple

A type of wood that is prized for its beauty.

Bainbridge Farm

The site of a British atrocity after the British discovering a large hidden cache of American cannon powder.

Elvis-on-Velvet Painting

A painting that is traded to an auto mechanic, along with a rifle, in exchange for working on an engine.


An American State that is the location of a house where a rifle is stored in the attic for many decades.

.40 Caliber

A relatively small caliber that is used to bore an exceptionally accurate rifle during pre-Revolutionary War times.

Christmas Candles

Objects placed on a mantle that inadvertently heat up an old rifle hanging...

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